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Unicobag is national industry leader who exceeds passengers', airlines', and law enforcement agencies' expectations to enhance security measures at airports in USA. Unicobag provides travelers with baggage services such as Baggage Wrapping, Baggage Delivery, and Baggage Storage. Unicobag always strives for greatness and to make sure baggage is the least of travelers' worries.



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Frequently Asked Question

Why would I wrap my bag?

To prevent form damage, item theft, and tampering.

What if TSA opens a wrapped bag?

UNIBAG has its employees at every TSA station inside the airport. So, if a bag that is wrapped by Unicobag opened for inspection, TSA will inform Unicobag employee, and Unicobag employee will wrap the bag all over again.

Is the plastic secure enough?

Plastic wrapping makes it extremely difficult for a person to rip the wrapping with bare hands. Unless a person has special equipment, it is almost impossible to open a wrapped bag.

How long does it take to deliver the bags?

Same day delivery is Guaranteed.

Maximum duration to keep my bags in the storage?

Bags can be kept for a maximum of 3 days in Airport storage. For anything more than 3 days you can contact Unicobag to place a special order.




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